33rd International Congress on Occupational Health 2022

33rd International Congress on Occupational Health 2022 (ICOH 2022), will be held from 6-10 February 2022 in a new digital format.

The ICOH Congress is recognized as the most relevant Congress in the world for occupational health professionals, policy makers, academics and researchers across a multitude of disciplines. With the theme “Sharing solutions in occupational health through and beyond the pandemic”, ICOH 2022 will be a forum to share knowledge, discuss best practices and share solutions for better worker health worldwide.

The digital Congress will be a high level experience in terms of scientific content and interaction, with networking and engagement opportunities. The Congress will be run through a visually rich digital platform recreating the environment of an in-presence congress. The platform will accommodate all sessions and main events that are traditionally included in the ICOH Congress format, and will also feature networking rooms, live chats, exhibition areas, and much more. We believe that the digital format will ensure wider accessibility, giving the whole OSH community the opportunity to attend. This novel congress approach will be particularly advantageous for participants from low and middle income countries.

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