La AEHI  (Asociación Española de Higiene Industrial) organiza el siguiente webinar:
BIOLOGICAL AGENTS. An underexamined risk factor in Occupational Hygiene

Although before the pandemic it was already known that biological agents caused health problems, the
impact of COVID-19 reinforced the importance of raising awareness and prioritizing preventing
occupational diseases caused by biological agents (BA).
Exposure to BA in the workplace is widespread and present in many economic activities affecting a wide
range of occupations. Furthermore, BA, which include fungi and bacteria, bacterial endotoxins,
mycotoxins, viruses and endoparasites among others, can cause not only infectious diseases but also toxic
effects such as allergic sensitization and cancer.
However, within the Occupational Hygiene domain, risk assessments of the exposure to BA have received
little attention compared to risks associated with other hazardous agents probably due to the poor
knowledge about the BA potentially present in different economic activities, their health effects, absence
of standardised quantitative sampling methods and lack of available reference values for most BA.
Therefore, the Spanish Association of Occupational Hygiene (AEHI) in close collaboration with the
International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) and the European Platform of Occupational
Hygiene (EPOH), organizes this webinar to provide occupational health professionals insight information
about the state of the art of risk assessment of biological agents.

21th November, 2023 14:00 -15.30 CET


 Program, speakers of the webinar webinar_Biological_Agents and emails.

WEBINAR CONTENTOccupational exposure to fungi
Dr. Carla Viegas. Email:
Health & Technology Research Center (H&TRC), ESTeSL – Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Saúde,
Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa;
NOVA National School of Public Health, Public Health Research Centre, Comprehensive Health
Research Center, CHRC, NOVA University Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Presentation: Carla_Viegas_Occupational exposure to fungiXerofillic fungi – An occupational hazard? Improving detection protocols for identification of
xerofillic fungi from occupational settings
Dr. Chrisotpher Campion. Email: 
National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Copenhagen, Denmark
 Occupational exposure and health in waste receiving and sorting plants
Dr. Anne Mette Madsen. Email:
National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Copenhagen, Denmark
Presentation: Anne_Mette_Occupational_Exposure_BA (1)Development of a new risk assessment tool for exposure to biological agents
Dr. Carlota Alejandre-Colomo. Email:
Dr. Ir. Henri Heussen.  Email:
Cosanta BV - Stoffenmanager®, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Presentation: Henri_Heussen_Biorisk_Tool_Stoffenmanager

WEBINAR PROGRAM-Biological Agents